About the mission


Hopewallah is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by the Babbili family which resides in Dallas / Fort Worth. This organization focuses on providing medical supplies and treatment to leper colonies in Hyderabad while empowering these communities through education and guidance. Much of our work follows the legacy and example of Bishop Prabhudass Babbili, who served as Bishop of the Karimnagar Diocese of the Church of South India. He is the father of Dr. Andy Babbili, who leads the medical mission of Hopewallah, delivering care and compassion to those battling leprosy in Hyderabad. Our annual fundraiser charity event raises funds to make this aid possible and sustainable. At Hopewallah, YOU change these people's lives. Reverend Roger McAvoy is a longtime friend of the Babbilis, and wrote this letter of his experiences with Bishop Prabhudass and his visits to India:

Following my visits to India in 1989, 1990, and 1994, I mobilized my congregations to raise money to support a number of projects, most of them linked to my time with your Father. It included paying for Manjula's nursing education and training of a poor Christian lady. It funded half the cost of the church built by the congreagation in Thadagonda, support for deepening wells, and renovating homes in Poodur.

Of all the peopel I dealt with in India your Dad was the only person I felt I could trust completely to ensure the money I sent would reach the people most in need - lepers in and around Hyderabad. His one abiding passion was to share the gospel with all, to care for people in greater need than himself, whether it was a need for healing, education, accommodation etc. as well as being an outspoken critic of the failure of some of his fellow clergy to care for their flock in like fashion.

On my last visit in 1994, despite advice to restrict his workload in the light of his diabetes he just worked on regardless, transportying me all over the area visiting numerous projects, oblivious of his own needs. He was meticulous in his preparations for my visits and always provded full accounts of the work done from the resources I had sent.

He was a most remarkable Christian man who gave his whole life for this faith and his family. He was aptly suppported by his wife who was willing to share so muchy of his time with those who looked to him for help. It is most fitting that you are hoping to honor them in such an appropriate way. Me and my family will be pleased to hear how your project proceeds.

-Rev. Roger McAvoy Eastbourne, U.K.